Mamayashi creates clothing handmade in Jamaica inspired by African culture.  These original designs allow for culturally aware and regally confident people to wear their declarations of freedom and sovereignty.

Mamayashi started in Brooklyn NY in 2005 as an online business rooted in the natural hair movement, with creative and artistic one of a kind clothing that complimented the style of Black women who embraced their natural hair. The support of the brand allowed for growth both online and at festivals and fashionshows, including many events in New York such as Washington D.C.'s and Florida's Grace Jerkfest, Brooklyn's Dance Africa and Afropunk festivals, Toronto's Afrofest also in Europe at Germany's ReggaeJam festival and popups in london UK and elsewhere.

Mamayashi debuted in Jamaica at Kingston's Style Week by Saint International, one of the region's premier fashion week in 2008 and has since been intertwined in the Reggae music scene as a choice brand for artists to wear for performances and music videos. Working with many artists like Rorystonelove, Third World Band, Chronixx, Protoje, Samory-I, Warrior King, Queen ifrica, Etana, Tarrus Riley, Alaine, and others.  Mamayashi has repeatedly featured pieces on live tv show Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall as well as in worldwide magazine features, including Germany's Riddim Magazine and California's Irie Magazine. Mamayashi has also been featured in movies such as the film Sprinter as well as muliple times on Television Jamaica's morning talk show, Smile Jamaica. 

Mamayashi's loyal social media following, as well as a personal approach to reaching out to customers, has enabled the Mamayashi signature style to be introduced to many around the world. Mamayashi is focused on expanding its global online reach and now offers bi-annual collections in a full range of sizes. 

Press coverage
"The clothing line, Mamayashi Collection was inspired out of wanting to create modern and lively options for culturally aware yet fashionable people. To inspire creativity and ancestral reflections through garments."
Caribbean Posh - December 08, 2017
"Black Star, Blue Moon is an interesting name for a clothing collection that immediately recalls visions of Afrocentrism, Astrology and a hint of romanticism. When you find out who is behind the collection, the whole picture comes in view."
"Each design is created out of my truth."
Mamayashi: African Roots
Irie Magazine - March 05, 2015
Caribbean Style and Culture 'Award of Excellence'
UNIA Marcus Garvey Award for Achievements in the Arts
Creating and designing clothing have always intrigued Mamayashi. She grew up in Jamaica under the protective care of a strong and determined mother, while watching her father work as an impeccable and well-respected tailor. Her journey evolved from crafting dolls' clothing at her father's shop to revamping her adolescent clothing. It was only as she nurtured her first born and watched him crawl towards his own independence, was she then ready to turn her passion into her profession. Inspired by the encouragement and support of like-minded sistrens, she began to share her textile expressions with the world. Her designs are heavily influenced by her love for Africa and the Rastafari journey. They reflect her values for natural creativity and growth, they also give honor to the African-minded leaders who have inspired her. Mamayashi’s daily mantra is one of humility and gratuity. She uses her work to bridge our ancestral history to our modern life. Mamayashi has been honored to clothe local and international celebrities in her designs. Her creations have been featured at major events and in popular media publications. However, nothing delights her more than sending her handmade garments all over the world, to Royals like you.
Heart of a Lioness Charity
Since 2005, Mamayashi has been empowering culturally aware women all over the worldwith authentic garments that allow them to express their sovereignty and style. We are honoured by the growth of a loyal network of strong supporters over the years, and want to use this power to tackle another unifier of women, domestic violence. Women routinely face situations that aim to rob them of their power. One such life-threatening thief is domestic abuse. Mamayashi is looking to change this. Starting with our 'Heart of a Lioness' collection, we are investing 10% of our profit toward establishing a holistic domestic violence shelter in Jamaica. We will offer abused women a safety net and a chance to restart their lives with healing, council and protection. Your purchase of our quality hand-made garments contributes directly to the actualisation of this vision. There is no limit to our collective power! With a unified effort and purposeful economic choices, we can reach out to women in crisis and save lives. Give Thanks.
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